“The potential benefits of a system are limited only by the designer’s imagination”

- Adapted from the Permaculture Principles as first considered by Bill Mollison

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A DJ Show… Powered By Dance?

A DJ Show… Powered By Dance?

It’s a quieter task reserved for the months when the sun hangs low in the sky; I’m beginning to sense that Vertecology will have yearly seasons just like any earthbound venture. That seasonality will leave the coldest month of the year, when Oregonians spend evenings...
Waterfalls in Chinatown?

Waterfalls in Chinatown?

With the whole world talking green, that the word ecology breaks down into the Greek roots eco and ology, or “home science” may not be news to you. But humor me as I take the moment of launching my Rainwater Harvesting Construction Guide to consider the outer...

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