The Hanging Garden

Grow food. Beautifully.

Long on style, short on space and longing an organic farm of your own? This one’s for you.

Made entirely of knotted rope, rigid platforms and simple hardware, the one-of-a-kind Hanging Garden is designed from one of the most stable geometric forms in the universe.

It’s a beauty and a beast; push against it and it will hold rigid as a whole system, in fact it won’t move in 50 mph winds.

It can hang from any 3 connection points able to take its weight and it gives 1.3 square feet of planting, growing, soil-building, air-freshening space per level.

It’s like a vertical column of nature in my home!

Philip Horvath, founder of INOS

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Hanging Garden Videos

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The Hanging Garden is a quick install in most cases – watch Mark put one up in 45 minutes.

Based on Geodesic Geometry, this prototype is unfazed in 50mph gusts of wind. That means you can grow food beautifully in lots of locations.

Philip tells of his inspired experience growing food and enlivening the parties at his loft in the famed Downtown LA Brewery.


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